With every month comes change and progress

IMG_4884I always am so excited for the first week of the month…re-assessment week! I measure, weigh and do the same fitness tests that I do on our initial meeting. What a great way to see progress and it’s an awesome motivator!

Highlighted for last month is Kathi’s achievements! She started on her own by going to her gym facility at work and modifying her diet. Kathi trained with me for a few months 2x/week (with a buddy) and came to free Saturday bootcamps. Kathi advanced physically quickly, even though she deals with back issues.

Congratulations to Kathi for achieving her goal of climbing a rock wall at James Island County Park (not to mention kayaking too!). Kathi lost almost 7″ in 2 months, increased on all her fitness tests and increased her flexibility by 2″! Kathi is now giving our advanced class on T/TH with Heather a try!

Thanks Kathi for being an inspiration for making this her new lifestlye! Who else is ready to make a change?

Health and Happiness!




Days 7-10 of Purification

First week and a few days under my belt!  In some ways I feel better, however I am still frustrated with my bloated belly.  I noticed that eating really well and feeling really crappy still made me bitchy 🙂  A few things that seemed to set me off feeling bad were sweet potatoes baked in olive oil and salt and brown rice pasta with broccoli, olive oil and sea salt.  So I think I’ll stay off olive oil and salt for a few days and see if that makes a difference.

Food was typical smoothies and veggies listed in other posts.  We had spaghetti squash with capers, roasted peppers and onions and sautéed garlic and tomatoes .  I love all the veggies, but the squash made me want to gag a little after eating a big plate.  Guess that won’t be a staple in my diet!  It’s really pretty though…


I have graduated rom taking 21 SP CLeanse everyday to now only having to take 10 SP greens.  I’m down 3 pounds, so 10 more to go to my goal!


Get in the right zone

watchWhen my second son, Sean,  was about 6 months old, I hired a trainer for the first time.  It was actually my first time working out in a gym as well.  She suggested I get a heart rate monitor and told me what “fat burning zone” I should be in.  This zone is disputed and you will hear there is no such thing, but for me , it worked!  I lost a lot of weight at that time.

Ten years later I just got a new one…and it keeps track of calories burned!  I compared the calories burned on the watch to what I plug into www.myfitnesspal.com and they matched pretty well.  Polar makes a million different kinds, but this is all I need.  I like to keep it simple sweetheart!

To find out more about the benefits of wearing a heartrate monitor, go to www.polarusa.com.  They have cute videos that are short and easy to understand.

I want to hear your experince with your heart rate monitor!