Day 1 of Standard Process Purification


The Standard Process Purification System Day 1 has started great!  I typically start my morning with a smoothie, so the only difference here was the added SP Complete which offers whole food nutrition.  I also took a whole bunch of supplements.  See the above link for the protocol.  I added some extras too: probiotic, tuna oil and Catalyn which provides all the vitamins and minerals we need.

(The links haven’t been working, so try this: )


Breakfast: 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 lime, blueberries, big handful of kale, handful of cilantro, 2 scoops of SP Complete


Lunch: smoothie ~ carrot, spinach, mint, a few frozen strawberries and 2 scoops SC Complete

Snack: cucumber

Pre-workout snack: banana

1 hour workout burning around 400 calories

Dinner: Mixed berries, mint and 2 scoops SP Complete, asparagus, green beans and onions sautéed with olive oil and sea salt


Easy Peasy!  Here’s hoping the next 20 days are just as easy!  Below are a list of symptoms, measurements and pictures of what needs to change.


excessive bloating, nausea, ravenous hunger, constant pain on left side of abdomen, constant ache in my throat/neck, low blood pressure, quick muscle fatigue, out-of-breath fast, irritable bowel, achiness, heart beats rapidly with salt intake, extreme pain and sickness sometimes after eating….oh yeah, and major brain fog…almost forgot that 🙂

*** With this being said, mind you that if I did not already eat clean and exercise regularly, I would most likely be obese with a whole host of major health problems.

Here’s my bloated belly:


…and what’s going on with my neck.  It’s always been the source of sickness, now it’s just kinda hanging there…


Throat issues: I had a lump in my throat it when I was little.  I remember the bubble gum medicine eventually made it go away.  In my 20’s it completely closed up, had to be rushed to the emergency room.  I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  In my 30’s it was the start of sickness and would swell up.  In my 40’ has loose skin…really?  Ugh!

Weight: 128, really high for me.  I should be closer to 115, I’m 5’2.

Measurements: Neck 12.5, Chest 35, Waist 29, Belly 34, Hips 39.5, Thigh 22, Calves 13 and Arms 10.5

There, it’s all out there.  I hold my clients accountable, now I need you to hold me accountable! Thanks 🙂