Get Healthy

Holistic Health Counseling is an approach to total health integrating mind, body and spirit.  No gimmicks or fad diets here!  You will receive practical information that will transform and fulfill your life!  Truly find well-being and balance!

Get Healthy 12- week session program package: You will get a weekly e-mail with Mind, Body and Nutrition tips to incorporate healthy living in easy, bite size portions.  Weekly homework is also assigned…no excuses for not committing and getting it done!

Here are some examples of what your newsletters will include:

– Mind: ways to reduce stress and creating a positive mind-set

– Body: simple ways to move your body that you can do anywhere, organic living tips, and tools that will help you feel better and get results.

– Nutrition: Easy tips include easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, detoxing, shopping made easy handout.

The program includes e-mail access to me and the weekly e-mails.

Cost is $100 for the 12-weeks.

Get Healthy Kitchen re-do and health food store tour: Learn what’s healthy, what’s not and why.  We’ll go through your pantry and fridge and then head to the grocery store to re-stock you with healthier options! $250

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