This kid doesn’t stand a chance…


We went to see a movie on the beach at Folly a few weeks ago.  We sat down to watch Goonies, with everyone’s favorite character “Chunk”, and I noticed this poor kiddo next to me who is already a bit of a chunk himself.  A big yellow fluorescent bottle of Powerade sat in the sand next to him while he had a bag of bright orange Doritos.  About a half hour later he had a handful of Cheetos, because I guess the first round of orange chemicals wasn’t quite enough.

Most people say “so what, they’re just kids, it doesn’t matter”.  Well that’s a whole other subject, but the thing I want to explore here is what do you think this kid has in front of him?

A life battling with his weight, disease and depression.  This is unacceptable!

We live in a world where people are constantly eating, but are malnourished.  My guess is that this kid is not being nourished all day.  He is on a life path to constantly eating because his body is constantly searching for what it needs, but cereal, snacks, sodas, candy, chicken nuggets and fries will never give you it.  A life of constantly eating that empty, nutrient deprived food will lead to obesity and all the effects of it: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, fatigue and on and on….

Some people who eat like this don’t get fat, I was skinny when I was little and ate nothing good.  But look at this kids belly, he is not more than 7 and has excessive visceral fat all around his midsection.  Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs and is mainly a product of lifestyle choices.   You will see all the same problems that are associated with obesity…even if you are not overweight and even if you’re a kid.

Don’t set your kids up for these preventable diseases.  It’s YOUR choice parents.  I know you love your kids, show them by providing your kids with the proper tools to live a healthy life!



Days 7-10 of Purification

First week and a few days under my belt!  In some ways I feel better, however I am still frustrated with my bloated belly.  I noticed that eating really well and feeling really crappy still made me bitchy 🙂  A few things that seemed to set me off feeling bad were sweet potatoes baked in olive oil and salt and brown rice pasta with broccoli, olive oil and sea salt.  So I think I’ll stay off olive oil and salt for a few days and see if that makes a difference.

Food was typical smoothies and veggies listed in other posts.  We had spaghetti squash with capers, roasted peppers and onions and sautéed garlic and tomatoes .  I love all the veggies, but the squash made me want to gag a little after eating a big plate.  Guess that won’t be a staple in my diet!  It’s really pretty though…


I have graduated rom taking 21 SP CLeanse everyday to now only having to take 10 SP greens.  I’m down 3 pounds, so 10 more to go to my goal!

Days 3-6 Purification – Yummy food, a little cheating :)

Day 3 fell on a beautiful, sunny Friday.  We did your typical smoothies and Mark made a great dish for lunch: Lentils with roasted zucchini and squash and sautéed onion, carrots, bell pepper and kale.  Just a little olive oil, salt, pepper and some fresh oregano from the farm.


Even though we were on IOP on that beautiful sunny day while everyone was drinking Coronas and Westbrook White Tai, I refrained.  Water, water, water…and I was ok with that because I was feeling crappy.

Saturday and Sunday I cheated a little, I must admit.  Again, great smoothies.  For dinner we went to Ms Roses in West Ashley to see Mark Jackson Music (my honey – see link below).  I had an amazing arugula salad with pomegranates and a cherry vinaigrette.  The cheating part came with the feta on top.  I ate it, and it was GOOD!  I felt fine after as well.  Sunday we were lucky enough to wake up with an ocean view at a friend’s house on Folly.  She is a hostess with the mostess!  Look at this spread…how could you not cheat a little?  Just a few sips of wine and I had to have some fresh shrimp right off the boat and grilled to perfection, that’s all!


Monday I really didn’t feel like eating much.  I had some smoothies and a late night salad.  Salad was mixed arugula and greens with apple, honey, fresh squeezed lemon.  So simple and so delicious!

Tuesday I had to be at work by 8, so I ran out with just the shake (no smoothie with fruit and greens) and a bunch of fresh blueberries.  Again, I haven’t been too hungry, so it was fine until about 2.   We got a bunch of beautiful produce from the Mt P farmer’s market.  We also enjoyed some King Of Pops pops (I got Blood Orange Basil).  I had some pickle samples which I thought would have been fine.  Shortly after  I ate them I got bloated, achy, blah, blah…no more pickles for me, unless it’s Bubbies.

I made a super-delicious smoothie for dinner: beets, spinach, cilantro, 1/4 lemon, mixed frozen berries.  It’s beautiful too!  Oh, and just so you know, I hate beets and could never eat them.  I need them for my struggeling liver.  I’m so excited I can have them now!



Mark Jackson Music:

Ms Roses:

King of Pops:

Shhh…listen, don’t Label!


I never really noticed the LABELS before I went to IIN to become a Holistic Health Counselor in 2009.  People would stand around and say “I’m a pescetarian”, “Well I’m lacto-ovo”, “Well I’m a vegan, but I’m just having this muffin because I have PMS”.  Thank goodness Paleo wasn’t a thang yet!  My questions is:


It’s bad enough that we are divided by political parties, religion, what kind of work we do, where we’re from…and on and on and on.  Do you really have to divide yourself further by what you eat.  A lot of people get down right nasty and in-your-face about it.  One of the crazy things is that if you’re vegan, you eat fake cheese and chicken.  Most of this is made from processed soy, a self-made indutry with NO nutritional value.  Paleo people have all kinds of “Paleo-friendly” breads and desserts.  I didn’t know the cavemen had bakeries!  haha

What it comes down to is EAT REAL FOOD IN A COMBINATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  The time of month, the seasons, or just where you are in your life will determine what your body needs.  It’s important to become really in-tune with your body and understand what it wants.  If you are having a sugar craving, take a look at the big picture: why am I having this?  Probably because you want energy.  Find a natural source of energy, like fruit or whole grain instead of a candy bar.  If you’re feeling really weak, you may need some good quality meat…just sayin!

To me, the most interesting research was made by Dr Weston Price.  He traveled the world and studied isolated human groups.  They all lived off of what was available to them.  Each part of the world had their own way of living because of what was available to them.  All instances showed that living off their land with no processed food worked amazing.  Disease only came to these villages when the Western diet started to creep in.  Do some research, what were your ancesters?  Maybe a diet they used to eat would work great for you!

– Keep it REAL!

– Listen to your body!

– Don’t feel trapped by a label you’ve given yourself

– Support local and eat seasonal as much as possible

– We all need carbs, fat and protein…don’t be scared, just eat quality

– Enjoy all the amazing foods from our earth!

– DON’T be a hater!

Health and Happiness!


Dads, do you suffer from Dickie-Do Disease?

In honor of all the wonderful dad’s out there, let’s bring Dickie-Do Disease to light.

What the heck is Dickie-Do Disease?  It’s when your Belly sticks out further than your…


….well, how can I say this tactfully…I can’t…then your Dickie DO!  (also known as a “beer belly”)!

My dad used to rub his belly proudly and told me it took 30 years to make it that round. The vision of him doing that cracks me up, but the effects a beer belly has on your body is anything but funny. He could tell you the same thing, but he’s no longer with us. Here’s why:

First of all, it’s a lot more than just beer causing this.  A poor diet (tons of beer would be included), lack of portion control and lack of activity and exercise cause that dangerous visceral fat around the belly.  If you have that, chances are you will develop:

– Type 2 Diabetes, Colorectal Cancer, Cartiovascular Disease and Sleep Apnea

Don’t believe me?  Too proud of your belly to let it go?  Here’s what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it!

Ready to make some changes to see your toes and everything else below the belt?  Great!  You will add years to your life and quality to those years!

If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for the ones that love you.  Give the gift of health to yourself and inspire others!

Let’s make this a challenge.  Try the 12-week Get Healthy Challenge.  You’d be amazed at how that belly will shrink 🙂


Slightly Asian

asianHere’s an Asian-inspired dinner assembly for you…

1. Saute a clove of garlic, bell peppers, onions and broccoli in sesame oil.  In another pot, cook quinoa.

2. Add chicken (we used pre-cooked rotisserie), soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, pinch of tumeric and a few tablespoons of water into veggies.  Cook until well heated.  Stir in quinoa.

Bacon on my salad…yes please!

I have a ton of purple kale and swiss chard left over from gleaning on the farm, so salads are on the menu every day this week!  I wanted something a little different, something tangy for the taste buds!  Here’s what I threw together:

Salad: Purple kale, swiss chard, rotisserie chicken and Jones turkey bacon.  Cucumbers would have been great too had we had any!

Dressing: Olive oil, dijon mustard, one whole lemon squeezed and honey mixed in blender