With every month comes change and progress

IMG_4884I always am so excited for the first week of the month…re-assessment week! I measure, weigh and do the same fitness tests that I do on our initial meeting. What a great way to see progress and it’s an awesome motivator!

Highlighted for last month is Kathi’s achievements! She started on her own by going to her gym facility at work and modifying her diet. Kathi trained with me for a few months 2x/week (with a buddy) and came to free Saturday bootcamps. Kathi advanced physically quickly, even though she deals with back issues.

Congratulations to Kathi for achieving her goal of climbing a rock wall at James Island County Park (not to mention kayaking too!). Kathi lost almost 7″ in 2 months, increased on all her fitness tests and increased her flexibility by 2″! Kathi is now giving our advanced class on T/TH with Heather a try!

Thanks Kathi for being an inspiration for making this her new lifestlye! Who else is ready to make a change?

Health and Happiness!





thinker doer

My passion is to get people healthy.  I’m not focused on perfection, just being the best you can be!   There is nothing scary or even daunting when it comes to getting healthy.  It comes down to eating real food, moving your body and controlling stress.  Well, I should say that it comes down to that AFTER you have MADE UP YOUR MIND!  You have to DECIDE to make the change.  What happens if you have not decided?  You will make every excuse in the book as to why you can not see this journey through.

Know that you are worth the time to assemble healthy meals everyday, workout and get the good endorphins flowing and releasing your stress.  If you are not healthy, you will not be able to take care of those that you are neglecting yourself over now.

Stop just thinking about it and DO IT!