This kid doesn’t stand a chance…


We went to see a movie on the beach at Folly a few weeks ago.  We sat down to watch Goonies, with everyone’s favorite character “Chunk”, and I noticed this poor kiddo next to me who is already a bit of a chunk himself.  A big yellow fluorescent bottle of Powerade sat in the sand next to him while he had a bag of bright orange Doritos.  About a half hour later he had a handful of Cheetos, because I guess the first round of orange chemicals wasn’t quite enough.

Most people say “so what, they’re just kids, it doesn’t matter”.  Well that’s a whole other subject, but the thing I want to explore here is what do you think this kid has in front of him?

A life battling with his weight, disease and depression.  This is unacceptable!

We live in a world where people are constantly eating, but are malnourished.  My guess is that this kid is not being nourished all day.  He is on a life path to constantly eating because his body is constantly searching for what it needs, but cereal, snacks, sodas, candy, chicken nuggets and fries will never give you it.  A life of constantly eating that empty, nutrient deprived food will lead to obesity and all the effects of it: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, fatigue and on and on….

Some people who eat like this don’t get fat, I was skinny when I was little and ate nothing good.  But look at this kids belly, he is not more than 7 and has excessive visceral fat all around his midsection.  Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs and is mainly a product of lifestyle choices.   You will see all the same problems that are associated with obesity…even if you are not overweight and even if you’re a kid.

Don’t set your kids up for these preventable diseases.  It’s YOUR choice parents.  I know you love your kids, show them by providing your kids with the proper tools to live a healthy life!