The Holistic Chick is…

The Holistic Chick, LLC is designed to empower your life with health and happiness!   I am dedicated to helping people live healthier lives through exercise, nutrition, and environmentally friendly living. There are no gimmicks, fads or empty promises. Through hard work, dedication and belief, I will guide you to obtain your goals and change your life!

Everyday we are bombarded with images and reports of the declining health of our nation and around the world.  Obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other complications are out of control because of our lack of knowledge about health and nutrition.  Confusing, conflicting information is constantly circulating.  It’s not your fault you don’t know what to do! As a holistic health counselor, I will help you to find what really does work for you. Holistic health counseling connects mind, body and spirit to create balance in all aspects of your life.  Expect to set goals, deal with cravings, and take consistent action.   I will  provide food counseling, help you make simple yet powerful lifestyle changes, and integrate new, better food into your diet.  As a personal trainer, I will design fun and varied programs for you to meet your goals! Tired of dieting, eating nothing but chicken breast and salad with no dressing? The Holistic Chick will teach you a lifestyle that will get you eating better, get you moving and hold you accountable so you see results. Are you ready? Don’t wait until Monday, or next week, or the New year, make the commitment TODAY to change the life of you and your family!  You deserve it!
Please contact me to book a FREE Consultation at reFORM Studio in Park Circle or to find out more information!
Tina Arnold, The Holistic Chick 843.906.7675

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