Shhh…listen, don’t Label!


I never really noticed the LABELS before I went to IIN to become a Holistic Health Counselor in 2009.  People would stand around and say “I’m a pescetarian”, “Well I’m lacto-ovo”, “Well I’m a vegan, but I’m just having this muffin because I have PMS”.  Thank goodness Paleo wasn’t a thang yet!  My questions is:


It’s bad enough that we are divided by political parties, religion, what kind of work we do, where we’re from…and on and on and on.  Do you really have to divide yourself further by what you eat.  A lot of people get down right nasty and in-your-face about it.  One of the crazy things is that if you’re vegan, you eat fake cheese and chicken.  Most of this is made from processed soy, a self-made indutry with NO nutritional value.  Paleo people have all kinds of “Paleo-friendly” breads and desserts.  I didn’t know the cavemen had bakeries!  haha

What it comes down to is EAT REAL FOOD IN A COMBINATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  The time of month, the seasons, or just where you are in your life will determine what your body needs.  It’s important to become really in-tune with your body and understand what it wants.  If you are having a sugar craving, take a look at the big picture: why am I having this?  Probably because you want energy.  Find a natural source of energy, like fruit or whole grain instead of a candy bar.  If you’re feeling really weak, you may need some good quality meat…just sayin!

To me, the most interesting research was made by Dr Weston Price.  He traveled the world and studied isolated human groups.  They all lived off of what was available to them.  Each part of the world had their own way of living because of what was available to them.  All instances showed that living off their land with no processed food worked amazing.  Disease only came to these villages when the Western diet started to creep in.  Do some research, what were your ancesters?  Maybe a diet they used to eat would work great for you!

– Keep it REAL!

– Listen to your body!

– Don’t feel trapped by a label you’ve given yourself

– Support local and eat seasonal as much as possible

– We all need carbs, fat and protein…don’t be scared, just eat quality

– Enjoy all the amazing foods from our earth!

– DON’T be a hater!

Health and Happiness!



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