Dads, do you suffer from Dickie-Do Disease?

In honor of all the wonderful dad’s out there, let’s bring Dickie-Do Disease to light.

What the heck is Dickie-Do Disease?  It’s when your Belly sticks out further than your…


….well, how can I say this tactfully…I can’t…then your Dickie DO!  (also known as a “beer belly”)!

My dad used to rub his belly proudly and told me it took 30 years to make it that round. The vision of him doing that cracks me up, but the effects a beer belly has on your body is anything but funny. He could tell you the same thing, but he’s no longer with us. Here’s why:

First of all, it’s a lot more than just beer causing this.  A poor diet (tons of beer would be included), lack of portion control and lack of activity and exercise cause that dangerous visceral fat around the belly.  If you have that, chances are you will develop:

– Type 2 Diabetes, Colorectal Cancer, Cartiovascular Disease and Sleep Apnea

Don’t believe me?  Too proud of your belly to let it go?  Here’s what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it!

Ready to make some changes to see your toes and everything else below the belt?  Great!  You will add years to your life and quality to those years!

If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for the ones that love you.  Give the gift of health to yourself and inspire others!

Let’s make this a challenge.  Try the 12-week Get Healthy Challenge.  You’d be amazed at how that belly will shrink 🙂



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