Slightly Asian

asianHere’s an Asian-inspired dinner assembly for you…

1. Saute a clove of garlic, bell peppers, onions and broccoli in sesame oil.  In another pot, cook quinoa.

2. Add chicken (we used pre-cooked rotisserie), soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, pinch of tumeric and a few tablespoons of water into veggies.  Cook until well heated.  Stir in quinoa.


Get in the right zone

watchWhen my second son, Sean,  was about 6 months old, I hired a trainer for the first time.  It was actually my first time working out in a gym as well.  She suggested I get a heart rate monitor and told me what “fat burning zone” I should be in.  This zone is disputed and you will hear there is no such thing, but for me , it worked!  I lost a lot of weight at that time.

Ten years later I just got a new one…and it keeps track of calories burned!  I compared the calories burned on the watch to what I plug into and they matched pretty well.  Polar makes a million different kinds, but this is all I need.  I like to keep it simple sweetheart!

To find out more about the benefits of wearing a heartrate monitor, go to  They have cute videos that are short and easy to understand.

I want to hear your experince with your heart rate monitor!


Bacon on my salad…yes please!

I have a ton of purple kale and swiss chard left over from gleaning on the farm, so salads are on the menu every day this week!  I wanted something a little different, something tangy for the taste buds!  Here’s what I threw together:

Salad: Purple kale, swiss chard, rotisserie chicken and Jones turkey bacon.  Cucumbers would have been great too had we had any!

Dressing: Olive oil, dijon mustard, one whole lemon squeezed and honey mixed in blender